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Faxed Contracts??

An interesting question has been posed re. the validity of contracts.     
I'd like to hear from our moderator/attorney Mr. Stenlake what his general
take on the answer might be.  Isn't signing a faxed contract and faxing   
back the fax as legal a trasaction as signing an original contract and    
sending that same original back in the mail?  If so the time lapse between
returning a fax and an original would not be relevant and there would not 
be a recission period just because one first returned the contract in fax 
Could we also hear back from Sisla or others about why you feel the       
questions posed are important?  For all our exchange of fax contracts/    
licenses, we've not had any problems over this matter. Have any of you?   
Under what circumstances do you think we ought to be concerned about this 
matter?  (In several cases of e-content licenses, all I have on file are 
signed fax versions of those licenses; no "original" in the traditional  
sense of the word, has ever ensued.)                                     
Ann Okerson                                                              
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