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From the Liblicense-l Owners

Dear 800 or so Liblicense-l subscribers:

A large number of you have signed up in a very short time to this list,
suggesting there is a keen interest in the topic of electronic content
licensing on the part of librarians, information providers, and creators. 
While you have been signing up, your listowners have been busy learning a
new listsproc software running on a new server and we think we have the
first mysteries solved.  Therefore, we urge you to jump in and share your
experiences and questions with the rest of the (still growing) group of

Let me pose a basic question here, one for the library community which in
turn might inform our friends the licensors.  When you receive a contract
from a content provider and see clauses in it that you would like to the
publisher/provider to change, how do you go about doing it?  What success
do you have in securing changes?  What sorts of changes do you most often
request?  That may be enough questions to last for some time. 

Insights and short case studies are welcome here.  In turn, perhaps our
publishers will offer their perspectives and comments, so that we can all
move forward together.  Our objective in providing the Liblicense Web Site
and this list is, after all, to help us all understand better the
licensing process and content and to get to the point where much of what
we all propose is, if not "boilerplate,"  then conforming to a set of
to-be-defined "best practices" so that the time all parties spend on each
license can be reduced. That's a worthy goal, in any case. 

Yours, The Moderators

Ann Okerson
Rodney Stenlake, Esq. (the lawyer among us)
© 1996, 1997 Yale University Library
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