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Liblicense reading group

[MODERATOR: How about a Joe and a few of the interested folks do 
some corresponding off-list and come back with a more definite 
proposal sometime in 2011 -- soon to be history.  It may be that 
CRL, to whose servers liblicense will be moving, would be happy 
to host and support a relevant online reading group.  For now, 
shall have an exchange among those folks who've indicated an 
interest, and we can include anyone else who drops me a line at: 
<aokerson@gmail.com>.  Does this work?]

When I playfully tossed out the suggestion that there be a 
liblicense reading group, I didn't expect anyone to take me up on 
it.  But now there are at least 3 supportive voices, and unless I 
am tone deaf, it appears the idea is being taken seriously.

But first I must confess that the book I mentioned, Laurence 
Cosse's "A Novel Bookstore," is one that I already read--and 
about which I just wrote a short review on the Scholarly Kitchen: 
<http://j.mp/toLPCJ> or 

The book is fun, but small (in the sense, every sense, that 
Proust is large).  It is notable for this list because it 
concerns curation and a form of peer review.

It's not clear to me what it would mean to create such a reading 
group.  The first question I have is, What software is best for 
such a group?  With so many social media platforms to choose from 
(I literally get invited to 1-2 every day--and this, of course, 
cannot last), which one is best for a book discussion?  Any 

There are countless questions of policy and protocol, which I 
won't raise unless the general topic interests enough people.

Joe Esposito