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Re: ALPSP Maximising your Secondary Rights, London, 7th December, 2011

Fred, I understand your concern, but I think the problem is in 
terminology. I recently wrote a course for WIPO about author 
contracts and selling secondary rights, and the phrase was 
constantly being edited to read "exploiting" secondary rights 
which has far more negative connotations than the concept being 

If I understand correctly, the ALPSP course is not indented to 
tell publishers how to exploit the customers, but how to make 
best use of their content throughout the development of new 
products that are tailored for new/specialist markets.


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On 5 Nov 2011, at 01:12, "FrederickFriend" <ucylfjf@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:

> I find it rather insensitive that this training event has been 
> advertised on a list which includes many librarians and others 
> from institutions from whom the revenues may well be acquired. 
> Is not the ALPSP list or other publishing lists the place for 
> such messages? If the authors of the content in question are 
> publicly-funded researchers or teachers, the "exploitation" is 
> derived from rights which those authors have been under 
> pressure to sign away to publishers. It could be argued that it 
> is the authors who are being exploited.
> Fred Friend