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The Journal of Immunology Mobile - Please post

The Journal of Immunology (The JI) is now available on select 
mobile devices. The service provides a streamlined web-browsing 
experience on iPhone and BlackBerry, and on devices using the 
Android-operating system. The site is optimized for easy 
navigation and viewing on small screens.  Convenient features of 
The JI Online are also available on The JI Mobile:  tables of 
contents, abstracts, articles in full text XHTML and PDF formats, 
figures, tables, supplemental data, and citation links.  Users 
may also email articles for later reading on a desktop computer.

Users of iPhone, BlackBerry, and devices with the 
Android-operating system will be automatically directed to the 
mobile version of The Journal of Immunology at: 
http://m.jimmunol.org when they log on to http://jimmunol.org

This service is provided to all subscribers at no additional 
cost. Users at institutions with a subscription may access the 
journal on-site by using the institution's WiFi connection.

Important message for Librarians: To provide your users WiFi 
access to The JI Mobile, enter the IP address for your 
institution's WiFi proxy server in your online subscription 
record using your administrator access or contact: 
<mailto:jisubs@aai.org> for assistance.

Claire Sinks
Content Licensing Manager
The Journal of Immunology