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Retirement Day for John Cox

[MOD. NOTE: John has been a giant among us. We will all miss 

Dear Readers:

After 42 years in publishing - college textbooks, childrens' 
books, educational books and periodicals and, for the last twenty 
years scholarly publishing, I have decided to retire.  Today my 
company will cease to trade.

I have been in publishing since 1969.  During that time, I have 
seen profound changes.  First of all, technology transformed the 
way the publishing process operated; I was responsible for 
automating page make-up and typesetting in the mid-1980s.  Then 
the Internet changed the delivery of information for ever, first 
in scholarly journals, then e-books, and now in general 
publishing.  I played some part in that evolution, putting Carfax 
journals online in 1995, and drafting a suite of model licenses 
that have been widely used in journal publishing.  It has been a 
challenging and fascinating time.  And I would like to thank all 
my friends and colleagues in publishing, libraries and throughout 
the distribution chain for making this such an engaging and 
challenging experience.

So far as the model licenses are concerned, they will continue to 
be freely available to use.  They will be managed and maintained 
by Ringgold.

I shall continue to be active.  I have a couple of non-executive 
directorships, and am still involved in civil aviation in the UK 
as a consumer representative.

John Cox

Managing Director
John Cox Associates Ltd
Rookwood, Bradden
Towcester, Northamptonshire
NN12 8ED
United Kingdom
E-mail: John.E.Cox@btinternet.com
Web: www.johncoxassociates.com