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Administrivia: New CRL Home for liblicense

Dear Readers:  The Liblicense Project (both the liblicense-l list
and the Web site) will have a new home in the near future. After
fourteen years of robust and instructive existence, and with
great thanks to Yale University for making it all possible,
Liblicense is shortly moving to the Center for Research
Libraries, a very good fit with this Project. We're most
grateful to Bernie Reilly (CRL President), Pat Xia, CRL's IT
Director) and their staff, for making the changeover possible and
for working hard towards a smooth transition.  We are aiming for
the first half of November.

We anticipate that the move will be easy and almost invisible for
readers and contributors, though there may need to be a short
downtime. The list of members will transfer automatically. There
will be a new address for posting, but if you are replying to an
existing message, you will continue to hit REPLY and all will be
well. We hope that some of the annoyances of our old software
(for example, the dreaded =20 interlopers!) will go away in this
new environment, and there will be other advantages behind the
scenes. We will have information for those wishing to change
subscription status as well. Watch for another note just ahead of
the cutover.

The Liblicense website will move to CRL with a refreshed look,
and of course, carrying the archives of the liblicense-l list.
The refinements there may take a little longer.  Meanwhile, the
Yale site will remain available until we are sure the new one is
working smoothly.

We are most grateful as well to the loyal readers, contributors,
and followers of Liblicense (over 3800 of you now!) and look
forward to much more of the serious and interesting exchange we
have come to enjoy together. We continue to live in interesting
times and there is much to learn about.

Meanwhile, for those who wish to know more about the Center for
Research Libraries, please see:  <http://www.crl.org>. "The
Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international
consortium of university, college, and independent research
libraries. Founded in 1949, CRL supports advanced research and
teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by
preserving and making available to scholars the primary source
material critical to those disciplines."

With immense thanks and all best wishes,
Ann Okerson