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Educational Seminar Series Starting Tuesday

*Please excuse cross-posting and feel free to share.*

The Credo Reference Online Seminar Series--Fall 2011 begins 
Tuesday, October 25 at 1:00 PM EST with guest speaker Dr. Lana 
Jackman, President of the National Forum on Information Literacy 
(http://www.infolit.org). Dr. Jackma= n is passionate about 
information literacy and committed to mainstreaming it throughout 
every sector of American society. She starts the series with a 
lively talk about information literacy, primary sources and 
academic support. Join us for an interactive, lively hour-long 
discussion just in time for National Information Literacy 
Awareness Month.

For more information about upcoming seminars and registration 
links, visit Libraries Thriving: 

Laura Warren
Libraries Thriving and Information Literacy Intern
Credo Reference