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MHRA 2012 Journal Price List

The Modern Humanities Research Association is delighted to be 
participating in JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program from January 
2012, with a commitment to fair pricing to support the broad 
dissemination of scholarship.

For the first time we will be offering electronic-only in 
addition to print + electronic subscription options for:

Austrian Studies
The Modern Language Review
Portuguese Studies
The Slavonic & East European Review
The Yearbook of English Studies
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies

For libraries that already subscribe to JSTOR Archive 
Collections, participating in the Current Scholarship Program 
provides seamless access to the complete runs of journals via the 
JSTOR platform.

Libraries may also subscribe to a complete run of single titles 
within the Program, or to the complete collection of MHRA 

Existing Institutional Members of the Association are still 
entitled to subscribe to our journals at the reduced rate, 
without the need to pay an annual membership fee. They will 
continue to receive a printed copy of the Annual Bulletin of the 
Association automatically.

Subscriptions for the above-mentioned titles for 2012 and beyond 
will be handled by JSTOR. Further details are available from: 

The Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature in print 
format should now be ordered from Turpin Distribution. ABELL in 
electronic format continues to be made available by 
Chadwyck-Healey/ProQuest. Further details are available from: