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HighWire Introduces 5-Star Article Rating Feature on SAGE Open

HighWire Introduces 5-Star Article Rating Feature on SAGE Open

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With the recent launch of the peer-reviewed research journal, 
SAGE Open (www.sageopen.com), and its new, interactive article 
rating feature, HighWire Press once again demonstrates its 
support of independent scholarly publishers with a tool designed 
for Open Access publications. This new feature, 5-star article 
rating, gives readers the opportunity to weigh in on the quality 
and impact of a particular article in a transparent open 
community forum.

As a supplement to the basic peer review that is practiced by the 
rapid publication process for open access journals, article-level 
comments and ratings offer real-time feedback from readers, 
allowing them to contribute publicly in the scholarly journal 
discussion. Over time, as the article accrues comments and 
ratings, the combined scores will become more and more meaningful 
as a metric to evaluate its importance and quality.

"We see this feature as part of an enhanced community-building 
process," said Bob Howard, Executive Director for SAGE's Social 
Science Journals. "SAGE Open manuscripts are peer-reviewed, but 
with the public commenting and article rating tools, members of 
the community are invited to participate in the post-publication 

SAGE Open, a new publication created to support open access 
publishing in the social and behavioral sciences and the 
humanities, allows colleagues to share their insights about the 
quality of papers online. In order to rate an article, 
contributors must be a registered user of SAGE Journals Online 

"The HighWire platform provides a series of enhanced features to 
give readers greater power to determine the significance of 
articles published," said Tom Rump, HighWire's Managing Director. 
"Along with usage metrics, commenting, subject categories, and 
recommendation services, article ranking is a means to leverage 
the insights of the larger community, connecting the outside 
world with the content inside the paper."


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