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Re: Amazon boycott

A better argument against the tax is that Amazon has no physical 
presence in California and are not benefitting from state 
services in order to operate. In addition, invisible taxes are 
paid to ensure the delivery of Amazon's goods to Californian 
homes. When you pay for shipping you are paying for UPS to 
deliver to your door. UPS pays a variety of taxes to operate in 
California, including the state fuel tax, corporate income tax, 
and property taxes. If UPS didn't have Amazon's business, I'm 
sure they would have to layoff more drivers which would hurt the 
California economy. It's a pretty good deal considering that 
Amazon doesn't receive any benefit from California's state 

Amazon has some of the lowest prices you can find for millions of 
items. Every time I save a dollar here and there on a book from 
Amazon, that's an extra dollar I could spend going to a local 
restaurant which injects money directly into the local economy 
and increases tax receipts. I would bet that California's college 
students have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars from buying 
textbooks from Amazon. So this notion that purchasing from Amazon 
deprives California of much needed revenue is bogus. There is 
nothing unfair about not paying sales tax on goods that are 
purchased from a vendor with no physical presence in California.

Stephen X. Flynn
Emerging Technologies Librarian
Andrews Library, College of Wooster
Wooster, OH 44691