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RE: Essay on copying

Except that the value of rare books depends partly on their 
scarcity! :)

At 7:42 PM -0400 8/2/11, Hansen, Dave wrote:

>While I thought this was pretty amusing, it's also a good 
>illustration of the disconnect between the way librarians and 
>some publishers view copyrighted works.
>Whereas librarians view these works as things of value in and of 
>themselves--works that express creative and unique ideas that 
>are useful for society, defenders of strict copyright 
>enforcement (and the author of this blog post, and many 
>publishers) seem to view them as mere proxies for value, much as 
>currency is merely a representation of the underlying goods that 
>it can purchase. Further, two reason currency retains value is 
>because (1) people believe it is worth so much, and (2) the 
>printing authority keeps its supply scarce (those two ideas have 
>a complicated relationship). Viewed that way, the value of a 
>copyrighted work is dependent entirely on the control and 
>enforcement of copying. If no copies were made at all, it would 
>be the most valuable monetary instrument in the world! But 
>copyrighted works have an independent value in and of 
>themselves, and in fact, cultural works often accrue value the 
>more they are copied and used.
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>Members of this list may wish to look at this essay by a Canadian
>intellectual property about the case for making copies of
>currency.  I thought it was very insightful and recommend it
>highly, as it bears on many of the issues that have occupied this
>list over the years.
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