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Consortium Directory Online data now available via MasterVision

Oxford and Towcester, 25th  July 2011 - DataSalon and Frontline 
GMS announce that the integration of data from the Consortium 
Directory Online (CDO) is now available in MasterVision.

Mutual customers of MasterVision, Ringgold and the CDO will now 
have the option to access CDO information in MasterVision which 
will map their existing data to that of library consortia and 
their members.

MasterVision enables publishers to join all of their existing 
data into a single customer view, connecting every available data 
source including subscription, marketing, usage and author 
submission data into a single record for each unique individual 
and institution.  This allows publishers to see every facet of 
the relationship they have with a particular institution or 
consortium.  The Consortium Directory Online, which is already 
integrated with Ringgold's Identify database and utilises 
Ringgold's unique identifiers, provides a fully searchable 
picture of the library consortium market using a wide variety of 

The CDO provides full profiles of each library consortium, 
including full contact information, member lists, publishers 
licensed, analysis tools and a wealth of background information, 
including information about licensing criteria and the consortium 

Laura Cox, Managing Director of Frontline said: "Enabling 
publishers to integrate the detailed information  available in 
the CDO into their own customer and prospect data will help them 
develop even more accurate and efficient sales and marketing 
efforts into the library consortium market. The combination of 
the three services gives publishers access to a huge amount of 
knowledge in one place."

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon said: "We are really 
pleased to give publishers the option of adding the CDO into 
their single customer view within MasterVision. The CDO provides 
a wealth of essential detail about each consortium, and combining 
it with MasterVision's existing tools for advanced analysis gives 
publishers a really powerful toolkit to fully understand their 
big deals."

  For further information please contact DataSalon at: 
<mailto:info@datasalon.com> info@datasalon.com or Frontline at: 
<mailto:directory@frontlinegms.com> directory@frontlinegms.com. 
Information about the Consortium Directory Online is available 
at: www.consortiumdirectory.com

About Frontline GMS

Frontline GMS was set up by Laura Cox in 2004 and provides sales 
and marketing consultancy services to the academic and 
professional publishing industry.  Frontline specialises in 
advising publishers, vendors and intermediaries in several areas, 
specifically marketing strategy, negotiating with library 
consortia, setting pricing and business models, and using and 
analysing subscription, customer and usage data.  Frontline also 
undertakes major research projects, and provides data analysis 
and market research services.  <http://www.frontlinegms.com> 

About DataSalon

DataSalon has established a strong reputation as the leading 
provider of customer insight solutions to the academic publishing 
industry. Our core product MasterVision enables publishers to 
create a comprehensive, fast and user-friendly 'data warehouse' 
solution for all of their customer data within a matter of weeks. 
We're pleased to count many of the largest and most innovative 
publishers among our clients, including BMJ Group, Oxford 
University Press, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the 
American Institute of Physics. Our website is at: 
<http://www.datasalon.com> http://www.datasalon.com.