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RE: "Libraries Abandon Expensive 'Big Deal' Packages

Hi all,

Thanks to Bernie for posting this story, which was bumped to the 
top of my to-do list in part because of discussions on the 
listserv. I also had a conversation about Big Deals with 
listmember David Prosser; I've written that up as a separate item 
for the Chronicle's Wired Campus blog. It's freely accessible 


If anyone would like me to email them a copy of the Big Deal 
feature that Bernie posted a link to, I'm happy to do that. Just 
drop me a note.



Jennifer Howard
Senior Reporter

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Subject: "Libraries Abandon Expensive 'Big Deal' Packages

>From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

"In late 2008, the University of Oregon's library faced a 
financial double punch. The recession meant belt tightening 
across the university at a time when the rising cost of journal 
subscriptions had already put a strain on the library's 
budget...Something had to give. That something, as it turned out, 
was Oregon's so-called Big Deals with two heavyweight publishers, 
Elsevier and John Wiley & Sons."

See: http://bit.ly/n7gEyf

Unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to get the full text of 
the article. But I figured quite a few of you have institutional 
subscriptions, so I'm passing it along...

Bernie Sloan