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Re: RSS Feed Created for liblicense-l

Dear Ann,

I'm soo happy about that! RSS for liblicense is the best 
invention since sliced bread! Will definitely enhance amount of 

Regards, Oliver Obst

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> Dear Readers:  I'm happy to report that for those who wish to see
> liblicense in your newsreader, we can now offer that service.
> The RSS feed address to use is:
> http://mmmmail.com/liblicense-rss.xml
> Now, if you might want to *post* to the list as well, you *must*
> also be subscribed to the listserv.  But if you don't wish to
> receive each listserv message (or digest) any longer, you will
> want to send this message to listproc@lists.yale.edu:
> set liblicense-l nomail ack
> Then, you will not receive the mail messages, but you *will* be
> able to post, and you will see liblicense in your newsreader.  My
> thanks to Scott Matheson of Hogwarts's -- oops, sorry, Yale's --
> wizard crew for help in setting this up and to Rickard Carlsson
> of the Swedish Royal Library for help in testing it.
> We try not to intrude with administrivial messages and
> exhortations very often, but I can't refrain from adding thanks
> to our many friends and colleagues on this list for continuing to
> make it as interesting and informative as it has become.  We'll
> be interested in your reactions to the RSS feed.
> With best wishes,
> Ann Okerson
> List Owner