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RSS Feed Created for liblicense-l

Dear Readers:  I'm happy to report that for those who wish to see 
liblicense in your newsreader, we can now offer that service. 
The RSS feed address to use is:


Now, if you might want to *post* to the list as well, you *must* 
also be subscribed to the listserv.  But if you don't wish to 
receive each listserv message (or digest) any longer, you will 
want to send this message to listproc@lists.yale.edu:

set liblicense-l nomail ack

Then, you will not receive the mail messages, but you *will* be 
able to post, and you will see liblicense in your newsreader.  My 
thanks to Scott Matheson of Hogwarts's -- oops, sorry, Yale's -- 
wizard crew for help in setting this up and to Rickard Carlsson 
of the Swedish Royal Library for help in testing it.

We try not to intrude with administrivial messages and 
exhortations very often, but I can't refrain from adding thanks 
to our many friends and colleagues on this list for continuing to 
make it as interesting and informative as it has become.  We'll 
be interested in your reactions to the RSS feed.

With best wishes,
Ann Okerson
List Owner