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Re: SERU registration question

Hi Sara,

I think that question is addressed in the FAQ's on SERU's
website. It is not a requirement:

> *I've decided to use SERU, how do I begin?* Once you've decided
> that SERU would be suitable for some transactions, it is a good
> idea for publishers, libraries and consortia to sign the SERU
> Registry (http://www.niso.org/workrooms/seru/registry/). While
> this is not required, it serves to let others know that your
> organization can use SERU. The registry is free of charge.

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On 5/16/11 7:12 PM, Bahnmaier, Sara wrote:

> I'm curious, can someone please tell me if a publisher and/or
> institution MUST be registered for SERU in order to use it?  I
> assume registration is optional and any two parties can opt to
> use it but all of our SERU uses so far have taken place between
> two registrants.
> Sara Bahnmaier
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