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Re: SERU registration question

Hi Sarah. You're quite right.  There's no requirement that 
publisher or library register in order for them to take advantage 
of SERU.  It's encouraged (so both publishers and libraries can 
know at a glance of the other's interest in SERU), but not 

I can't really say if there has been much use of SERU between 
parties which haven't registered... but they are welcome to 
continue to use SERU without registration.

Of course, we'd love to see users listed in the Registry... it's 
an important way to show your support.  It's quite easy to 
register, and, once you are registered, there is no obligation to 
use SERU in every transaction.  To register, follow the signup 
link at http://www.niso.org/workrooms/seru/registry/


Selden Durgom Lamoureux
Electronic Resources Librarian
North Carolina State University Libraries
Campus Box 7111
Raleigh, NC 27695-7111

phone:  919-513-2728
fax:  919-515-7282
email:  selden_lamoureux@ncsu.edu

>>> "Bahnmaier, Sara" <sarabahn@umich.edu> 5/16/2011 10:12 PM >>>

I'm curious, can someone please tell me if a publisher and/or 
institution MUST be registered for SERU in order to use it?  I 
assume registration is optional and any two parties can opt to 
use it but all of our SERU uses so far have taken place between 
two registrants.

Sara Bahnmaier
University of Michigan Library
Associate Librarian and Head
Electronic Acquisitions & Licensing
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1205