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Microsoft and Facebook

There is an important announcement about enhanced integration of 
Microsoft's Bing search engine and Facebook.  Here is the story 
(I hope this link doesn't break):


I am an admirer of Facebook from a distance, but hardly an active 
user.  What we are seeing Microsoft do is find ways to take 
advantage of social media to enhance discovery.  For many people 
working in scholarly communications, Facebook is hardly a 
promising place to look for serious help with anything, but it 
may be that what Microsoft is doing here will take us in an 
interesting direction.  Social media have had little impact on 
scholarly communications to date, but if social media lead to 
better search engines, then we will indeed be looking for a 
Facebook for scientists.

I wish I could make up my mind whether "media" should be singular 
or plural.

Joe Esposito