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LexisNexis and ProQuest

Of possible interest to liblicense-l readers, at least to those 
in large research libraries.

November 30, 2010
From: LexisNexis Academic

To sharpen our focus on our core news, business, and legal 
research products, we at LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions 
decided to divest several specialized research products, 
primarily covering government documents and historical 
collections. As a result, on November 30, 2010, the ProQuest 
company purchased print and microform publications bearing the 
Congressional Information Service (CIS) and University 
Publications of America (UPA) imprints, as well as related online 
products from Reed Elsevier, the parent company of LexisNexis. 
LexisNexis will continue to serve academic institutions and 
public libraries with our LexisNexis Academic, Scholastic, and 
Library Express online database solutions, and we will continue 
to support the administrative functions of academic institutions 
and public libraries with our professional research solutions.

Enclosed are frequently asked questions that we anticipate our 
customers may have regarding this sale. While we have attempted 
to anticipate all of the questions our customers may have, there 
will no doubt be a few that we have missed. If you would like any 
further information or have any additional questions, please call 
1-800-227-9597 x57645 to be connected to your Account Manager. In 
addition, you can review the list of Account Managers for each 
state on our wiki at: 


#Which products has LexisNexis sold to ProQuest?

LexisNexis has sold the following products to ProQuest:

*All CIS microform and print collections, including CIS Index, 
SRI, and IIS

*All UPA microform and print collections

*LexisNexis Congressional online database, including Statutes at 
Large, Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, Congressional 
Record Permanent Digital Collection, Congressional Research 
Digital Collection, US Serial Set Digital Collection, and US 
Serial Set Maps Collection

*LexisNexis Statistical Insight online database, including 
Statistical DataSets

*LexisNexis Government Periodical Index online database

*LexisNexis Primary Sources in US History online database

#Is LexisNexis exiting the academic and public library markets?

No - LexisNexis is retaining its flagship products for academic 
researchers and public library patrons:

*LexisNexis Academic

*LexisNexis Library Express

*LexisNexis Scholastic

*LexisNexis State Capital

LexisNexis will also continue to provide solutions for the 
administrative, fundraising, and legal offices of academic 
institutions and public libraries, including:

*LexisNexis for Development Professionals





#How will international sales of these products be handled?

ProQuest has purchased the CIS and UPA products and the rights to 
sell them in all markets, including internationally. LexisNexis 
will continue to sell the products it has retained both 
domestically and internationally.

#Why did LexisNexis sell the CIS and UPA product lines?

The sale was made as part of a LexisNexis effort to align its 
Academic & Library Solutions products, services, and content 
around its core mission of providing advanced solutions for 
legal, news, and business research and information management. 
The specialized content of CIS and UPA does not support this 
mission, so the decision was made to divest them. We firmly 
believe that the academic researchers who rely on LRS products 
will be well served in the future by ProQuest, which has an 
outstanding reputation for its academic research databases.

#What happens to the employees of LexisNexis Academic & Library 

ProQuest has extended offers of employment to all the employees 
of LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions who spent the majority 
of their time focusing on the CIS and UPA product lines, 
including the field account representatives and the Sales Support 
team. LexisNexis is retaining those employees who spent the 
majority of their time focused on the academic and library 
products it is retaining, including the sales team and the 
product management team.

#Is my sales representative changing?

Not for US customers. For the foreseeable future, we plan to keep 
account assignments unchanged across both LexisNexis and ProQuest 
products. For international customers, ProQuest representatives 
will be assigned to international accounts for CIS/UPA products, 
and they will be contacting you in the near future to introduce 
themselves and begin to understand your needs and how they may 
assist you.

#Whom do I call for technical support for CIS/UPA products?

Support for online product remains unchanged for now. You should 
contact the LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions Web 
Subscription team for all issues related to your online 
subscriptions, such as access problems and IP changes.  They can 
be reached at academicsupport@lexisnexis.com.

Librarians and faculty can continue to use the 24-hour customer 
support line at 800-897-3419 for Tech support or questions about 
product content and search strategies.

Questions related to CIS and UPA print or microform products 
should continue to go to the Sales Support team at

#Whom do I call for billing or fulfillment questions for CIS/UPA 

Please contact the Sales Support team in Bethesda, MD by calling 
1-800-638-8380 or sending an email to academicinfo@lexisnexis.com 
for product questions and billing issues.

#How will my invoices change as a result of this sale?

LexisNexis is continuing to provide billing for the CIS/UPA 
products under its systems for a period of time to allow for a 
smooth transition. Going forward, if you purchase a ProQuest 
product and a LexisNexis product (i.e. Congressional and LN 
Academic) you will receive two invoices. When ProQuest 
transitions billing and fulfillment of the CIS/UPA products to 
its systems, a customer communication will be distributed, and 
you will have ample time to assess the impact on your 
institution's accounts payable processes

#Whom do I call for any other questions?

You may call 1-800-227-9597 x57645 to be connected to your 
Account Manager.

Or, you can review the list of Account Managers for each state on 
our wiki at:



Jude T. Hayes
Consortia Sales