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"Understanding e-Journal Technology" seminar: March 14 & 16 in DC =

I am working with Simon Inger and Tracy Gardner, of U.K.-based
Renew Training, to introduce an ejournals seminar/primer entitled
"Understanding eJournal Technology" in the U.S. this March. This
promises to be a useful and interesting seminar for members of
the Liblicense community, so wanted to share the details here.

More about "Understanding eJournal Technology"

The course covers topics such as OpenURL, web-scale discovery,
DOIs, authentication systems (including Athens and Shibboleth)
article linking and much more. It describes how librarians help
researchers find content and gives some ideas as to how
publishers should react to these initiatives. Simon Inger, one of
two presenters, says, "there is no other event available that
gives such a comprehensive overview of e-journal technology from
a business perspective. Our course really equips attendees with
knowledge that they can put into practice as soon as they get
back in the library or office."

Courses will be held Monday, March 14th, 2011 at American
Geophysical Union in Washington, DC and Wednesday, March 16th in
The Charlesworth Group's location at the Science Centre in
Philadelphia, PA. Members of SSP, ASA, and ALPSP will receive a
10% discount on course registration fees.

To register, please contact Tracy Gardner at
tracy@renewtraining.com or Alix Vance, US Liaison, at
alixv@architraveconsulting.com. Or, visit: www.renewtraining.com.

Best regards, Alix Vance
Principal, Architrave Consulting (www.architraveconsulting.com)
E: alix.vance@gmail.com
T: 301-335-1815