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Outsell Pricing Survey 2010 - Invitation

We apologize for any cross-postings.

Outsell, Inc. <http://www.outsellinc.com/> is conducting a short 
survey to determine 2011 vendor pricing changes - which continues 
to be a major pain point for information managers. If you are not 
familiar with content vendor pricing, please forward this survey 
to the appropriate person.

This short survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. 
All participants will receive a summary of the research results 
to show our appreciation. Please take a few minutes to complete 
the survey - it will close at midnight Pacific Time on October 
15, 2010.

Your answers will remain confidential and will be aggregated with 
others. We ask that, if possible, only one person from each 
organization answer the survey to avoid duplicate responses from 
the same organization.

Click the following link to enter the survey, or paste the full 
link into your browser:


If you have questions please contact Sheila King at 

Sheila W. King, PRC
Director, Primary Research
+1 479.474.3868


Outsell, Inc.
Advancing the business of information