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fwd: JISC e-Journal Archiving Consultation White Paper

**Apologies for any cross-posting**

JISC is interested in hearing views from the UK and international 
community on a white paper it has commissioned on e-Journal 
Archiving for UK Higher Education Libraries. The paper has been 
written by Neil Beagrie (Charles Beagrie Ltd.)  and is available:

from the JISC website


and for comment and detailed annotation by section at JISC Press


The aim of this white paper is to help universities and libraries 
implement policies and procedures in relation to e-journal 
archiving which can help support the move towards e-only 
provision of scholarly journals across the HE sector.  The white 
paper is also contributing to complementary work JISC and other 
funders are commissioning on moving towards e-only provision of 

Although focussing on the UK sector, many of the economic and 
emerging best practice issues it addresses will also be of 
interest to university libraries and research institutions in 
other countries.

Comments are invited on this draft up until 12th November 2010, 
either via JISC Press or by email direct to n.grindley@jisc.ac.uk 
(cc neil@beagrie.com)

Neil Grindley
Programme Manager
Digital Preservation & Records Management