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Fwd: JSTOR and Holy Cross License

How do others feel about having to agree to a license on the 
JSTOR Webiste that can change at will by the JTOR? I don't like 
this at all, but it seems I have no choice (see below).


Bob Scheier
Electronic Resources Librarian
Dinand Library
College of the Holy Cross
One College Street
Worcester, MA 01610-2395
Voice: 508-793-3495
Fax: 508-793-2372
Email: rscheier@holycross.edu

Begin forwarded message:
> Regarding Section 11, We are not here referring to content 

> - those are governed by Section 6 of the T&C which gives the
> Licensee options should a material amount of content be withdrawn.

> Section 11 addresses =93material modifications=94 to the Terms and
> Conditions; that is, those modifications which would have a
> significant impact on their usage rights and for which we shall
> notify Licensee, who, again, has an opportunity to object to the
> changes and terminate the agreement.  If you would like the option
> to immediately terminate, we can have the provision read as follows,
> but we cannot make the changes that are proposed.
> "11. Terms and Conditions Subject to Change. In the interest of
> managing the evolving needs of
> Institutional Licensees, Authorized Users, and Content providers,
> JSTOR reserves the right to
> modify these Terms and Conditions, or any aspect of JSTOR, at any
> time. JSTOR shall notify
> Institutional Licensees via email of material modifications. If
> Institutional Licensee does not
> agree to any such modification in writing within sixty (60) days
> after such notification, the
> agreement shall immediately terminate.
> Please let me know if this explanation is sufficient for your
> licensing purposes.  If you have any additional changes, please also
> feel free to send those back to me.