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New issue of ScieCom info

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the September issue of ScieCom info. Nordic-Baltic 
Forum for Scientific Communication


The Danish Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, 
Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, is prepared to introduce a policy of Open 
Access to publicly funded research.
Read more in the news item by Adrian Price:

The Swedish Ministry of Education and Research comments:
"The Swedish Government announced last year that they will work 
on a national Open Access policy  for Sweden in 2010. Further 
information on this will be presented in November":  Katarina 
Bjelke, Ministry of Education and Research, Sweden, .


Erik Sandewall discusses the problem of managing "moral 
copyright" for evolving publications, i.e. works that with modern 
technology easily can be amended and extended over time. The 
author has a solution to propose and is preparing an experimental 
Erik Sandewall: "Exercising moral Copyright for Evolving 


Jan Erik Frantsvag describes the Norwegian RoMEO project. There 
is little or no information about numerous Norwegian journals, 
serials and publishers in the international Sherpa/RoMEO service 
operated by the University of Nottingham. The project found a 
local collection to be of limited usefulness. Success depends on 
the incorporation of Norwegian journal and publisher information 
into the Sherpa/RoMEO service.
Jan Erik Frantsvag. "A Norwegian RoMEO"


"Open Educational Resources -- a resource for learning" describes 
a current national project for  promoting the use of open 
educational resources among HE teachers in Sweden, and making 
them interested both in using other teachers? material and in 
making their own materials freely available. A number of social 
media will be used to inspire a continuous discussion of OER.
Alastair Creelman, Asa Forsberg: "Open Educational Resources -- a 
resource for learning"


The Swedish National Library 4-year OpenAccess.se development 
programme ended last year with an international evaluation. This 
has led to a new start for the programme, which has become 
permanent, and starts from a new level with a broader 
perspective. Its three main areas are now: OA-policy, OA 
information to researchers, and development of infrastructure and 
user services.
Jan Hagerlid. "A new start for OpenAccess.se"


The 14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing -- 
ELPUB 2010 took place in Helsinki 16 - 18 June 2010. The 
conference was hosted by Hanken School of Economics. More than 30 
papers and short communications addressed the issues of 
electronic publishing and social networks; scholarly publishing 
models; and technological convergence, all chosen as themes for 
the conference.
Turid Hedlund:  "ELPUB 2010 -- Publishing in the Networked world: 
Transforming the Nature of Communication"


The EIFL General Assembly 2010, which was held on August 6th - 
8th in Lund/Sweden, put this year's main focus on Open Access 
Policies and Publishing as well as on EIFL programmes, e.g. 
"Copyright for Librarians", and offered the valuable possibility 
of meeting publishers and exchanging ideas and information 
through "speed dating". Librarians from almost all of the 48 EIFL 
member countries in Africa, Asia or Europe seized the opportunity 
and came to Lund
Dina Heegen, The Open Access Situation in Developing and 
Transition Countries:A Report from the EIFL General Assembly 


Lithuania was one of the countries in focus at the EIFL, and we 
are happy to publish a comprehensive article on the development 
of OA in Lithuania. Gintere Tautkeviciene et al. specifically 
describe the goals of creating the Lithuanian Academic e-Library 
(eLABa) as a national aggregated OA repository of scientific 
works, practices and the benefits of its integration into the 
worldwide OA infrastructure. Participation in the PEER project 
will enable them to produce a new eLABa collection of 
peer-reviewed scientific articles.
Gintare Tautkeviciene et al: "Integration of THE LITHUANIAN 
ACADEMIC e-LIBRARY (eLABa) into THE international open access 

As always, your comments and ideas are very welcome

Ingegerd Rabow / Editor-in-chief