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[MUSE_News] Project MUSE News . . .

This isn't moderate price increases from project muse. There's no 
difference between this and some of the for profit companies that 
somehow think anything less than 10% is "moderate". Is Project 
Muse reading the listservs to see what other publishers are 
doing? At 6% they are an outlier as far as I can tell. Far out. 
Wherever they are getting their advice from on pricing, they need 
to pay more attention to their customers finances and their 
overall position in the market. There is nothing that justifies a 
6% increase in the budget situation libraries are in.

Chuck Hamaker

"In recognition of the continuing effects of the economic climate 
on our subscribing libraries, MUSE is once again moderating price 
increases for 2011 while incorporating new content into all 
collections. Rates for MUSE's Premium Collection, a 
comprehensive, growth-oriented collection that includes all new 
titles added to MUSE each year, will increase by 6%. Prices for 
the MUSE Standard and Humanities Collections will increase by 4%, 
while the Basic Research and Basic College collections will see 
increases of 2%. There will be no price increase for the MUSE 
Social Sciences Collection. Complete 2011 pricing and collection 
information will be posted on the MUSE web site by early August."