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Project MUSE News: 2011 titles, prices; more archival content

Project MUSE celebrates fifteen years, welcomes new titles and 
publishers, adds more archives

Project MUSE kicks off its fifteenth year of providing libraries 
with the best humanities and social science content from the 
not-for-profit publishing community by welcoming ten new 
participating publishers. To date, twenty new titles are 
confirmed for inclusion in the Project MUSE electronic journal 
collections for the 2011 subscription term. MUSE also continues 
to grow its archival coverage for many participating journals. 
Project MUSE pricing for 2011 has also been finalized.

Publishers new to MUSE for 2011 include the Society of Biblical 
Literature, the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian 
Study, the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, and the 
National Association of Professors of Hebrew, among others. Eight 
of MUSE?s long-time participating publishers, including the Duke 
University Press, Indiana University Press, University of 
Illinois Press, and University of North Carolina Press, are 
contributing new journal titles to the MUSE collections. In 
addition to the twenty currently confirmed new titles (see list 
below), approximately ten further titles are expected to join 
MUSE for 2011, and will be announced shortly.

The 2011 additions supplement a collection now offering current 
and archival content from over 450 respected, peer-reviewed 
journals. MUSE recently announced the inclusion of 14 additional 
titles to come online during the current 2010 subscription term 
(see details at http://bit.ly/96Dhyi). MUSE now partners with 
more than 100 not-for-profit university presses, scholarly 
societies, and other independent publishers to make their content 
available digitally through our several interdisciplinary 

Project MUSE?s initiative to incorporate back issues from many 
participating journals continues to grow. With the release of 
back issue content from six more titles in late June, there are 
now more than 60 journals offering complete archival coverage, 
from the first volume and issue, in MUSE. Nearly 100 titles have 
committed to participate in the MUSE back issues program to date, 
and all archival content will be made available to current 
subscribers to applicable titles at no additional charge.

In recognition of the continuing effects of the economic climate 
on our subscribing libraries, MUSE is once again moderating price 
increases for 2011 while incorporating new content into all 
collections. Rates for MUSE?s Premium Collection, a 
comprehensive, growth-oriented collection that includes all new 
titles added to MUSE each year, will increase by 6%. Prices for 
the MUSE Standard and Humanities Collections will increase by 4%, 
while the Basic Research and Basic College collections will see 
increases of 2%. There will be no price increase for the MUSE 
Social Sciences Collection. Complete 2011 pricing and collection 
information will be posted on the MUSE web site by early August.

New MUSE Titles/Publishers for 2011:

Center for Korean Studies, University of Washington:
Journal of Korean Studies

Center of Latin American Studies, University of Kansas:
Latin American Theatre Review

Duke University Press:
Minnesota Review
Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art

Indiana University Press:
African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review

International Association of Galdos Scholars:
Anales Galdosianos

The Johns Hopkins University Press:
Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics
Wallace Stevens Journal

Kentucky Historical Society:
Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

Midwest Modern Language Association:
Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association

National Association of Professors of Hebrew:
Hebrew Studies

National Bureau of Asian Research:
Asia Policy

Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association:
Rocky Mountain Review

Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study:
Scandinavian Studies

Society of Biblical Literature:
Journal of Biblical Literature

University of Hawaii Press:
Journal of East Asian Cultural and Historical Studies

University of Illinois Press:
Packingtown Review

University of North Carolina Press:
The Journal of the Civil War Era

University of Toronto Press:
Toronto Journal of Theology

University of Wisconsin Press:
Landscape Journal: design, planning, and management of the land

Please visit the MUSE web site at http://muse.jhu.edu for further 
information and updates as they become available. Questions may 
be directed to MUSE Customer Support at muse@press.jhu.edu.

Melanie Schaffner
Marketing and Sales Manager, Project MUSE
The Johns Hopkins University Press