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More information about Wiley Online Library available

Dear all

We have added some more updated resources and information about 
the forthcoming Wiley Online Library to our Information site 
here: http://www.wileyonlinelibrary.com/info

This includes:

- More detailed FAQs about Usage Data

- Promotional Tools, including logos and text which you can use 
to raise awareness of the new site to your user community (more 
will follow including online buttons/banners, posters, user 
guides, tutorials, etc)

- The full list of new journal website URLs which can be used for 
linking after the launch of the new site (the OpenURL and DOI 
linking syntax and URL structure are also available, as well as 
new website URLs for all our subject sites)

- A new slide show with screens from across the new site

- You will also find some suggestions for supporting the launch 
of the new site in the Information for Librarians section

We have also now added banners to Wiley InterScience pages to 
raise awareness about the upcoming change in the site amongst the 
user community.

More information about the launch timeframe and planned downtime 
will follow.

If you have any questions, please contact your usual 
Wiley-Blackwell representative or me directly on 

Best wishes,


Emily Gillingham
Director, Library and Institutional Marketing
Wiley-Blackwell - John Wiley & Sons