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Your views on open access publishing are needed

Apologies for cross posting

Your views on open access publishing are needed!

The SOAP Project (*), funded by the European Commission, would 
like to announce the release of an online survey to assess 
researchers' experiences with open access publishing. This survey 
aims to inform the most comprehensive analysis of attitudes to 
open access publishing to date and is seeking views from a wide a 
range of interested parties. It is primarily aimed at active 
researchers in public and private organizations, from all fields 
of the research in the sciences and humanities and focuses on 
publication of research articles in (open access) peer-reviewed 

If you would like to contribute to shaping the public discourse 
on open access, please visit: 

It should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey outcome will be made public and the resulting insights 
as well as recommendations will be openly shared with the 
European Commission, publishers, research funding agencies, 
libraries and researchers.

Thanks in advance,

the SOAP Project Team

(*) Note: The SOAP consortium is coordinated by CERN, the 
European Organization for Nuclear Research. It represents key 
stakeholders in open access, such as publishers BioMed Central, 
SAGE and Springer; funding agencies (the UK Science and 
Technology Facilities Council) and libraries (the Max Planck 
Digital Library of the Max Planck Society). The project runs for 
two years, from March 2009 to February 2011.