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Thieme Publishing Group joins CLOCKSS

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Thieme Publishing Group joins CLOCKSS

A Cost Effective Archiving Solution for Libraries and Publishers 
Around the Globe

Stuttgart, May 18, 2010 - Thieme Publishing Group has joined 
CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), a 
community-governed, non-profit joint venture between the world's 
leading scholarly publishers and research libraries. These 
organizations are working together to guarantee the permanent 
survival of academic digital content beyond the twenty-first 
century. Additional participants in this continuously growing 
international project include Stanford University, the Royal 
Society, Elsevier, and the University of Hong Kong.

"Archiving and securing the permanent availability of eJournals 
is of paramount importance. We at Thieme are pleased to 
participate in and support this initiative, while working in 
conjunction with the international publishing community," says 
Thomas Connertz, Director Thieme eJournals.

Ten years ago, Stanford University librarians developed the 
innovative LOCKSS technology, upon which this project is based. 
The CLOCKSS archive is distributed across a global and 
geopolitically diverse network of archive nodes, and governed by 
all its participants. Content no longer available from any 
publisher ("triggered content") is made available for free. In 
the case that any content from Thieme becomes triggered, CLOCKSS 
will release it to the world under a creative commons license to 
ensure it remains available forever.

By archiving with CLOCKSS, Thieme Publishing Group is ensuring 
that content from Thieme eJournals remains as useful as possible 
and will always be available, when needed, to all scholars around 
the world.


CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) is a not-for-profit joint venture 
between the world's leading scholarly publishers and research 
libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically 
distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term 
survival of web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of 
the greater global research community. For more information, 
please visit www.clockss.org

About Thieme

Thieme Publishing Group is a privately held STM publishing house 
employing more than 950 people and maintains offices in New York, 
Delhi, Stuttgart and three other locations in Germany. Founded in 
1886, the Thieme name has become synonymous with high quality and 
excellence in medical and scientific publishing. Today, Thieme is 
the market leading publisher of neurosurgical content and holds 
strong market positions in orthopedics, radiology, anatomy and 
chemistry, among other specialties. Thieme publishes 137 
peer-reviewed journals and over 500 new books annually. The 
company also has a rapidly growing array of web-based products in 
medicine and science. Popular online products include Thieme 
eJournals and the Thieme ElectronicBook Library, which are 
accessible via www.thieme-connect.com, Thieme's platform for 
electronic products.

Contacting CLOCKSS

Gordon Tibbitts
Executive Director, CLOCKSS
1450 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 721-5838

Contacting Thieme

Dr. Thomas Krimmer
Director Institutional Marketing, Thieme Publishing Group
Tel: +49-(0)711-8931-772
Fax: +49-(0)711-8931-777
E-mail: thomas.krimmer@thieme.de

Simone Rueckle
Public Relations and Press Office, Thieme Publishing Group
Tel: +49-(0)711-8931-280
Fax: +49-(0)711-8931-167
E-mail: simone.rueckle@thieme.de