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Anianet Chinese Scholar Network Reaches Major Milestone

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San Francisco, CA, May 18, 2010 -- Anianet, the professional 
network connecting Chinese scholars and scientists with their 
peers in the west, is pleased to announce that it has reached a 
major milestone.  Dr. Yanyun Ma recently became the 5,000th 
member to join Anianet.  Since launching in the fall of 2009, 
Anianet has become an essential tool to integrate Chinese 
researchers into the international community. Reaching this 
important landmark validates the intense interest Chinese 
scholars have in forging closer connections with their peers in 
America and Europe, as well as Anianet's unique ability to 
facilitate these connections.

Anianet members create free English-language profiles detailing 
their professional accomplishments and interests, in a format 
that is easily discoverable and digestible for international 
audiences.  This allows Anianet members to raise their visibility 
among western editors, meeting organizers, funding agencies, 
laboratories, and prospective collaborators. In addition, Anianet 
provides members with vital information detailing western grants, 
research partnerships, jobs, fellowships, meetings, publications, 
and other opportunities. In short, Anianet provides Chinese 
researchers with a "western base of operations" for the first 
time. Anianet members come from over 700 institutions, labs, 
hospitals, and research centers across China, and work in more 
than 1,200 disciplines, from aerospace engineering to zoology.

"I am pleased to be a member of the Anianet network," said 
5,000th member Yanyun Ma, Associate Professor in the Department 
of Physics, National University of Defense Technology. "My 
Chinese colleagues and I appreciate having a platform that makes 
us more visible in Europe and the United States.  It is also 
great to get the latest information about what is happening in my 
field at the international level."

In conjunction with this major milestone, Anianet is rolling out 
a number of major initiatives and partnerships, including:

* A monthly Call-for-Papers Newsletter highlighting publications 
and conferences specifically interested in submissions from 
Chinese scholars.  To date, notices from prominent publishers 
such as The Royal Society, Emerald, and Multi-Science have 
generated tremendous interest among Anianet members.

* A program promoting the China-facing programs, events, and 
activities of prominent western institutions, including the 
University of California-Berkeley and the University of 

* A strategic partnership with Edanz Editing (known as Liwen 
Bianji in China) to offer skilled scholarly, scientific, and 
technical translation services to Chinese authors seeking to 
publish in western journals. "We are excited to have reached this 
major milestone," said Greg Tananbaum, Founder and CEO of 
Anianet. "We are eager to continue delivering services that make 
it easier for Chinese and western researchers to connect, and to 
shrink the scholarly world."

About Anianet, Inc.: Anianet, Inc., is a privately held company 
led by professionals with broad experience at the intersection of 
technology, content, and academia.  Launched in 2009, it is 
headquartered in the San Francisco area.  For additional details, 
see www.anianet.com.