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RE: May issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter

I believe that Bruce Charlton has just been sacked as editor of 
Elsevier's journal Medical Hypotheses. At least he was expecting 
to be sacked on 11 May and does not appear to be listed on the 
journal website. (Although this example is complicated by the 
fact that Medical Hypotheses is in no way a typical peer-review 
journal. For details see 


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Has no publisher ever fired an editor for doing a poor job, which 
resulted in declining subscriptions for a journal? Let's say an 
editor of a journal on evolutionary theory becomes enamored of 
intelligent design and starts publishing articles purporting to 
confirm that theory? Or an editor accepts a number of Sokal-type 
hoax articles? Surely, publishers do not have to stand by if they 
perceive their journals are being harmed by their editors. 
Editors are, after all, under contract, and the terms of such 
contract usually allow for publishers to intervene in such 

Sandy Thatcher