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RE: RSNA 2011 Subscription Prices Press Release

Thanks to Ms. Nikkel for updating the list.  We did communicate 
and indeed established that the email address used for 
administration of our account was not correct.  This 
communication breakdown occurred on two levels, since our 
subscription agent, for whatever reason, didn't have record of 
the change of subscription years and had to call RSNA to confirm.

Ms. Nikkel and I discussed some other options for notifying 
subscribers, and RSNA seems open to other ideas to communicate 
with libraries going forward. I'm sure the RLAB will be very 
helpful in advising, and expect that the librarian guide and 
using some of the other tools that libraries have come to depend 
upon to get information from publishers (the widely-read library 
lists; notification to newsletters like Knowledgespeak, multiple 
mailings) will go a long way.

Robin Klein
Digital Resources Librarian
Health Sciences and Human Services Library
University of Maryland Baltimore

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Please note, RSNA did announce the /Radiology/ Legacy Collection 
in September 2009 to both current /Radiology /subscribers and all 
current subscription agencies. Ms. Klein can confirm RSNA had the 
incorrect email address on file for her institution.  We have 
granted her library free access to the content for the remainder 
of University of Maryland's subscription year.

For the past year, RSNA has been scanning and configuring 
metadata for this collection as a new product and service to our 
library customers. RSNA has made a substantial financial 
investment to ensure the accuracy, clarity, and searchability of 
the pages and images from 1923 to 1979 (previously not available 
in digital form) and from 1980 to 1998 (digitally available, but 
not easily searchable).

The RSNA Librarian Guide resource tool was recently relaunched to 
enhance RSNA relationships and communication with libraries. 
During MLA 2010, RSNA representatives will be meeting with the 
Radiology Library Advisory Board (RLAB) to review the Librarian 
Guide page by page. Once we have all comments and suggestions 
from the RLAB, we will make changes to the website. We are a 
small, non-profit publisher, so we must allocate our resources 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Kate Nikkel

Klein, Robin said the following on 5/14/2010 11:19 PM:

> I wish that as RSNA had announced this information that they
> also announced are also withdrawing access to their backfiles
> in order to create an archive for sale for 1923-1998 content.
> I confirmed with my subscription agent that this was not
> announced in advance - she got the word from asking someone at
> RSNA on our behalf. 'Complimentary' access to the backfile of
> content was suddenly withdrawn but I was only made aware when a
> user alerted us that Radiology content they could previously
> get to was no longer available.
> We've seen the 'librarian-friendly' librarian guide site that
> RSNA just put up, telling you just about everything except that
> previously freely available content is no longer free.  No
> warning.  I would say that negates any message I'm supposed to
> that they are librarian-friendly.  They could have at least
> waited until the end of the calendar year.
> Robin Klein
> Digital Resources Librarian
> Health Sciences and Human Services Library
> University of Maryland Baltimore
> rklein@hshsl.umaryland.edu