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Opportunities for Publishers Despite Challenging Economic Climate

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We are busier than ever right now, working to help our clients 
make the most of a challenging economic climate. Despite these 
challenges, we see a number of opportunities for publishers. 
While European library budgets have seen cuts, they have 
nonetheless proven more resilient than their North America 
counterparts. Many European libraries are increasing their 
involvement in consortia purchasing as a cost saving tactic. This 
can present an opportunity for publishers who have historically 
been underexposed in the market as well as publishers who are 
willing to be flexible. Opportunities continue to exist for sales 
of journal archives in a number of European markets. 
Additionally, we are seeing an increasing number of institutions 
interested in purchasing electronic books and other online 
reference works.

If you are UKSG this week, please stop by our booth or let me 
know if you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss how 
Accucoms can help you make the most of your sales and marketing 

With best regards,


Pinar Erzin
Managing Director
Accucoms B.V.
Accurate Communications for Publishers
The Netherlands

Email: pinar.erzin@accucoms.com
Skype: Pinar Erzin