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Alma Swan: The OA citation advantage: Studies and results to date

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[Note added by SH: These data are derived from Dr. Steve 
Hitchcock's bibliography of studies on the effect of open access 
and downloads ('hits') on citation impact. They are now ripe for 
a meta-analysis: You are encouraged to do one -- or to contact 
Dr. Swan and Dr. Hitchcock if you are interested in 


Swan, A. (2010) The Open Access citation advantage: Studies and 
results to date. Technical Report, School of Electronics & 
Computer Science, University of Southampton. 


This paper presents a summary of reported studies on the Open 
Access citation advantage. There is a brief introduction to the 
main issues involved in carrying out such studies, both 
methodological and interpretive. The study listing provides some 
details of the coverage, methodological approach and main 
conclusions of each study.