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Re: Journals using CC Licenses

Some useful DOAJ views:

New Titles: (From:, To:, Sortby:), RSS daily, weekly, monthly 

or ...
(with info whether Open Access or Hybrid journal=

DOAJ author service (incl. Subject tree in "author view")
Find OA journals, hybrid journals, journals w & w/o Publication fee,
plus link to further information.

Creative Commons licensed journals

Sealed Journals

SPARC Europe Seal for Open Access Journals
To receive the "Seal" the journal has to choose the CC-BY license
(Creative Commons license) and provide DOAJ with metadata on article level.

DOAJ by Country
Number of journals added into DOAJ by Country and year
Total number of journals in DOAJ by Country and year
both linked to live lists of journals

Get DOAJ journal data as a csv file


However, licensing information is probably supplied by publishers 
so I am not sure whether it is complete. It any case, the SPARC 
Europe Seal for Open Access Journals gives an incentive to 
publishers to register their journals with DOAJ.

Best regards,
Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library