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Re: DeepDyve - 99 cent article rentals

And maybe, just maybe, some people consider the "value added" by 
final processing including copyediting worth the 99 cents in 
preference to relying on the Green OA version.

Sandy Thatcher

>I don't want to comment further on DeepDyve's program as I have a
>relationship there, but I find Professor Harnad's perceived irony
>to be misplaced.
>OF COURSE, people would find ways to monetize OA content.  What
>did you expect?  And if someone prefers to purchase something
>through "monetized OA" instead of going directly to the free OA
>source, why would anyone want to interfere with an individual's
>preference?  I fail to see the virtue of the top-down, mandated
>policies that Professor Harnad supports.
>I recently did a survey of a segment of scholarly book publishers
>and stumbled upon an interesting practice.  One publisher sells
>books directly from its Web site.  All the titles also appear on
>Amazon.  Amazon's prices are less expensive across the board.
>But the publisher continues to do good business from its own
>site.  Why?  Do we ban publishers from selling from their own
>sites and mandate that all sales go to Amazon?
>Joe Esposito