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RE: another library/press merger

The Ithaka Report from a few years back provided a good explanation of the synergies between libraries and presses that make this a sensible strategy, but the Report also noted that there is no "one size fits all" solution for every university. Some presses, like California, work closely with their libraries without being administratively joined; others are administratively joined, but collaborate very little. Collaboration is probably more important than administrative merger.

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press

Yes, it does appear to be.

Sandy, you have been a keen observer and participant - and one of
the most influential ones - of publishing by university presses.
Why this trend? Admittedly, many of the university presses are a
"financial drain" (and they do not need to be) and the provost
does not need another problem area to deal with directly, but is
this the appropriate solution for the long-term?

Nawin Gupta

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There seems to be a trend here....

November 03, 2009
Utah State U. Press to Merge With Library

Utah State University Press, whose future looked uncertain earlier this
year, will merge with the university's library, Utah State announced on
Monday. The move "will result in significant savings," said Richard Clement,
dean of libraries, and move Utah State down the path toward digital
publishing and open access already taken by the University of Michigan at
Ann Arbor when it reorganized its press as a unit of the library.

Sandy Thatcher
Penn State University Press (which became part of the Libraries in December