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Re: International Financial Statistics license

Not sure what that means to abide by the Berne Convention.  The 
Berne Convention provides minimum standards for countries to 
include in their own national laws.  Perhaps one could follow 
principles in Berne but it is not the same as a copyright 

Lesley Ellen Harris

On Nov 5, 2009, at 7:25 PM, Pippa Smart wrote:

Yes, I have come across the statement that UN bodies are not 
subject to national copyright laws as they exist "outside" 
national boundaries (I've had this from WHO and FAO), however 
they abide by the Berne Convention and other international 

With regard to ILL this comes under the "single copy" issue: 
within the print world when you lend your copy you no longer have 
access to it. but by printing out your e-copy and lending this 
you retain access to your e-copy so you have created a new copy 
which infringes the principles of copyright law (i.e. Berne 
Convention etc.). Therefore the publisher is within their right 
to withold permission to do this (as unreasonable as this seems 
in the current environment). (This is a problem which publishers 
of e-books are trying to grapple with presently.)

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