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Brill introduces Journal Open Access Service: Brill Open

Brill introduces Journal Open Access Service: Brill Open
Leiden (NL) - 4 November 2009

Brill, a prominent scholarly publisher in the Humanities and
International Law, is pleased to announce the launch of Brill
Open. This new author service offers the option of making
articles freely available upon publication. Brill Open enables
authors to comply with research funding bodies and institutions
which require open access.

The Brill Open option will be available for all 135 journals
published under the imprints Brill, Martinus Nijhoff and VSP.
Articles will be put in online open access in exchange for an
article publishing fee to be arranged by the author. Sam
Bruinsma, Brill's Business Development Director, explains: 'We
are launching this new service in answer to a growing number of
research funding bodies and universities announcing their
compliance with the open access model. With Brill Open our
journals are ready to meet the expected increase in contributions
under this model.'

In order to ensure that authors' funder requirements have no
influence on the editorial peer review and decision-making, Brill
Open will be made available to authors only upon acceptance of
their paper for publication. Those authors who do not wish to use
this service will be under no pressure to do so, and their
accepted article will be published in the usual manner.

Brill's strategic intent is to adjust the future subscription
price of a journal to reflect an increase in Brill Open fees. Sam
Bruinsma comments: 'Our view on open access developments is
positive. We accept that over time an increasing part of our
revenues will come through this new model. This will have an
impact on the revenues from our library subscription service. The
combination of these two business models will continue to support
a healthy and sustainable journal program attractive to the best
authors in the field.'

For more details about Brill Open and Brill's open access policy,
please go to www.brill.nl/openaccess.

Sam Bruinsma
Director of Business Development & E-Publishing | BRILL