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Re: Critique of OA metric


I really don't see what your beef is with me.  I am agnostic as 
to peer review.  There is a difference in the kind of review 
accorded the PLOS flagship publications and PLOS One.  You can 
come up with any terms that you like to describe that difference, 
but the difference is very real.  Some people care very much 
about that distinction.  My point was not that one form of review 
was better than another, but that there are in fact two kinds at 
work here and that that difference is not being acknowledged by 

Joe Esposito

On 11/3/09 2:58 PM, "Bill Hooker" <cwhooker@fastmail.fm> wrote:

>> I see [PLoS] as a prominently branded organization that is
>> moving away from rigorous peer review.
> You keep saying this.  I continue to insist that the usage of
> "rigorous" here is misleading at best.
> B.