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Adis Launches New Tiered Pricing Model

**Apologies for cross posting**

Adis Launches New Tiered Pricing Model

Adis, a Wolters Kluwer business, would like to announce a new 
tiered pricing model designed to make its publications more 
affordable for customers worldwide.

The new model offers 3 tiers of pricing and will deliver 
significantly lower prices for small and mid-sized organisations, 
and a price freeze for the largest organisations.  The model is 
based on the number of FTEs within pharmaceutical companies, the 
number of staffed beds in hospitals and the number of relevant 
FTEs across the health faculties within academic institutions.

Adis worked closely with industry partners and carried out 
extensive market research to ensure the new pricing model was 
appropriate and fair for existing and prospective customers.

If you have any questions about the new model, or are interested 
in finding out more about Adis journals, please contact Gillian 
Brailsford at gillian.brailsford@wolterskluwer.com or visit: 

About Adis journals

Adis journals are a unique, resource for anyone with an interest 
in independent reviews and original research to support better 
therapeutic decisions. The portfolio features many leading titles 
on drug development, therapy and pharmacoevaluation including 
Drugs, PharmacoEconomics and Drug Safety.


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