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E-book panel at the Charleston Library Conference

Announcement: E-book panel at the Charleston Library Conference

e-Duke Books: What Have We Learned?

When: Friday, November 6th, 4:30-5:15
Where: Francis Marion, Gold Ballroom


Ann-Marie Breaux, Vice President, Academic Service Integration,
YBP Library Services

Michael McCullough, Sales Manager, Duke University Press

Lois Schultz, Original Cataloger, Monographic Cataloging Section,
Duke University Libraries

Tammy S. Sugarman, Associate University Librarian for Research
Services, Georgia State University Library

Abstract: E-books have been around for years, but publishers,
vendors, and librarians are still trying to figure out the best
ways to work together to produce, distribute, catalog, and
circulate them. Duke University Press launched the pilot program
for its e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection in 2008, with the
full-blown launch in January 2009. The Press spent a long time
planning its entry into e-book publishing, drawing on extensive
feedback from librarians, and attempted to craft a model that
would make best use of the size and strength of its book
publishing program, benefit from the experience of its journals
division (which was several years ahead of the books division
when it came to electronic publishing), and deliver the content
in a format that would work for librarians and users.

This session brings together representatives of several of the
stakeholders in the process, including representatives from the
Press, a cataloger who creates the enhanced MARC records for
every book in the collection, a vendor that sells the collection
to libraries, and a library that purchases the collection. We
will talk about what is working, what we did wrong, where changes
have been made, and what we've learned. All the panelists have
agreed to speak frankly about the process, in a way that we hope
will be helpful to other publishers planning their own e-book
programs, to vendors trying to integrate e-books into their
relations with both publishers and libraries, and to libraries
trying to integrate e-book acquisitions into their collections.
And we will allow time at the end of the presentations for
audience questions and feedback on their experiences.

For more information, please contact Kim Steinle
(ksteinle@dukeupress.edu) or Michael McCullough