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Agent/Consortium Panel at the Charleston Library Conference

Announcement: Agent/Consortium Panel at the Charleston Library 

Who's in the Middle?

When: Friday, November 6th, 12:30 - 1:45
Where: Francis Marion, Colonial Ballroom

In the era of electronic resource acquisition, procedures change. 
Most libraries belong to one or more consortium. Consortia 
negotiate discounted pricing for e-journal and e-book packages. 
The consortium can provide the ordering and billing services for 
the library. E-book collections can be activated by a consortium 
without the intervention of a book distributor. In this new 
environment, what is the role of the subscription agent or book 

Rick Burke, Executive Director, Statewide California Electronic 
Library Consortium (SCELC)

John B. Elliott, Director of U.S. Sales, YBP Library Services

Kimberly Steinle, Library Relations Manager, Duke University 

Dan Tonkery, Vice President, EBSCO Information Services

For more information, please contact Rick Burke 
(rburke@scelc.org) or Kimberly Steinle (ksteinle@dukeupress.edu).