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Re: Selling researchers their own work?


If authors don't want to buy these things, they don't have to. 
We don't buy most things that are offered for sale.  In order for 
this strategy to work, the product offered has to have real 

Joe Esposito

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 2:37 PM, Heather Morrison <hgmorris@sfu.ca> wrote:

> "Library bypass", as brought up recently by Joe Esposito, applied
> to scholarly publishing has interesting implications.  I can't
> wait to see what authors think when publishers ask them to pay
> for collections that include their own work, and that of their
> colleagues!
> This strategy would also (quite accidentally, I suspect) be great
> marketing for library services.  :)
> Heather Morrison, MLIS
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