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Re: Selling researchers their own work?

Huh?  What's new about publishers asking authors to pay for 
collections that include their own work and that of their 
colleagues? Hasn't that been going on for centuries, in 
traditional anthologies?

What I find potentially exciting, under this rubric, is the kind 
of scheme just announced on this list by HighWire Press and 
Sheridan Custom Publishing Direct, whereby any customer could 
order just a group of articles that would match his or her 
particular needs. This would presumably meet the demand from 
individuals like Joe who are not affiliated with any university.

Sandy Thatcher

>"Library bypass", as brought up recently by Joe Esposito, applied
>to scholarly publishing has interesting implications.  I can't
>wait to see what authors think when publishers ask them to pay
>for collections that include their own work, and that of their
>This strategy would also (quite accidentally, I suspect) be great
>marketing for library services.  :)
>Heather Morrison, MLIS
>The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics