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LOCKSS Program Preserves the Journal Series "Pain Reviews"

*With apologies for cross-posting*

Pain Reviews, an open access electronic journal that ceased 
publication in 2002, is being securely preserved in the LOCKSS 
distributed preservation network. Pain Reviews, published by 
Hodder Arnold from 1998 through 2002 is freely available online 
via the IngentaConnect publishing platform through to December 
2009 (see http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/arn/pr).

LOCKSS Program staff in the United States and in the United 
Kingdom worked closely with Publishing Technology and Hodder 
Arnold to ensure that Pain Reviews would be preserved in a way 
that benefited all scholars, worldwide.

*Hodder Arnold first gave permission for Pain Reviews to be 
freely available. This open access permits all LOCKSS Alliance 
members to collect and preserve Pain Reviews independent of 
whether or not they previously held a subscription.

*Hodder Arnold then licensed the content with a Creative Commons 
license to ensure the uses and rights of the content are clear 
and transparent, and that legal future use of this material is 

Libraries that select and preserve Pain Reviews in LOCKSS will 
have access to this journal in perpetuity, without any further 
payment for access.

Victoria Reich, Director of LOCKSS, notes, "Pain Reviews is an 
outstanding example of how libraries are using the distributed 
digital preservation LOCKSS Program (www.lockss.org) to take 
custody of and preserve important scholarly materials. LOCKSS 
technology provides an affordable, managed distributed digital 
preservation environment, including migrating content when 
required for continued access. That Pain Reviews is assigned a 
Creative Commons (CC) license is an extra bonus. The CC license 
enables archive interoperability and opens the opportunity for 
this open access content to be made freely available even after 
it's removed from the publisher's hosting platform."

Louise Tutton, Senior Vice President of Publishing Technology's 
Scholarly Division, comments, "Cancellation of titles is a 
reality both for publishers and publishing platforms. Where title 
cancellation occurs, we are delighted to see this content made 
available for preservation through services such as the LOCKSS 
Program, allowing librarians to take active measures to build 
collections of content important to their scholars and ensure its 
long term preservation."

Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA and the UK LOCKSS Alliance, 
adds "Pain Reviews highlights the advantage of the community 
driven approach taken by the UK LOCKSS Alliance. The UK LOCKSS 
Alliance community brought this title to our attention, which led 
to LOCKSS staff in the UK and US preparing the title and its 
contents for long term preservation and ready (open) access. I am 
delighted that this process has ensured continuity of access to 
Pain Reviews for libraries in the UK and internationally."

- About the LOCKSS Program -

The LOCKSS Program (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) in 
cooperation with over 400 important scholarly publishers provides 
secure archiving and post-cancellation access to participating 
libraries. LOCKSS Alliance libraries are easily and inexpensively 
collecting and preserving their own copies of authorized 
subscription and open access scholarly e-content. A library's 
LOCKSS box provides automated, open source "digital bookshelves" 
- an award winning managed preservation approach that 
automatically migrates content forward in time as required for 
access. Publishers who preserve their content with the LOCKSS 
Program provide libraries and their readers and authors with the 
security of post-cancellation and perpetual access while 
simultaneously maintaining a direct relationship with their 
community. With LOCKSS, the publisher's web site receives all 
readers "hits". The LOCKSS Program, founded at Stanford 
University Libraries in 1998, also works with communities to 
preserve their locally published web content on Private LOCKSS 
Networks. For additional information see www.lockss.org.

- About the UK LOCKSS Alliance -

The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a cooperative movement of UK academic 
libraries that are committed to identify, negotiate, and build 
local archives of material that librarians and academic scholars 
deem significant. By ensuring that the library is involved in 
rights negotiation, collection decisions, and ownership of 
infrastructure it reinforces the role of the library as custodian 
of scholarly content.

The UK LOCKSS Alliance also acts as a focal point for discussion 
on the issues of journal preservation and rights management, 
providing a forum to discuss current developments. Our goal is to 
assist the UK library community in making a collective and 
considered response to changing environments.

To preserve this title at your institution, and to help shape the 
selection of further titles, join the UK LOCKSS Alliance now. For 
details, see: http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/catalogue/lockss

    Adam Rusbridge
    UK LOCKSS Alliance Coordinator
    EDINA, University of Edinburgh
    Phone: +44 (0)131 650 4616
    Email: a.rusbridge@ed.ac.uk