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UKSG and NASIG offer conference exchange through John Merriman Award

**Apologies for cross posting**

John Merriman Award: UKSG and NASIG collaboration facilitates 
conference exchange places for information professionals

UKSG and NASIG (North American Serials Interest Group) are 
pleased to introduce a unique opportunity for a member of each 
group to attend the annual conference of its sibling 
organization.  The new John Merriman Award covers all conference 
fees, travel, accommodation and conference meals. It was named in 
recognition of John Merriman's role in the foundation of both 

Tony Kidd, Chair of UKSG said of the award: "A core element of 
UKSG's mission is to connect the information community and this 
award is a perfect example of how we support our members. We have 
a very close working relationship with NASIG and sponsoring this 
type of collaboration will not only help cash-strapped members on 
both sides of the Atlantic to attend key industry events, but 
will strengthen the ties between us. John Merriman, who set up 
both organizations, always believed we should work together and 
so it is fitting this award is named in his honour."

Rick Anderson, Chair of NASIG commented, "Both the UKSG and the 
NASIG conferences are highly regarded events. They offer 
attendees the chance to learn about new initiatives and industry 
developments and connect with other information professionals, 
suppliers and intermediaries. To be offered the chance to gain an 
additional perspective by attending a conference in a different 
country is an amazing opportunity for an information professional 
in the early stages of their career and I am proud that we are 
able to support this exchange."

Applicants are invited from people working in a functional 
(non-managerial level) position with responsibility for some 
aspect of e-resource management within a Library or Information 

Forms are available from NASIG at http://www.nasig.org, from UKSG 
at http://www.uksg.org,  from Carol Ficken, Co-Chair NASIG Awards 
& Recognition Committee or from Kate Price, UKSG Education 
Sub-Committee Chair.

The award is partially underwritten by Taylor & Francis. The 
successful applicants will attend the UKSG Annual Conference, 
Edinburgh, Scotland, 12-14 April, 2010 or the NASIG Annual 
Conference, Palm Springs, California, June 2-5, 2010.

Tracy Gardner
UKSG Marketing Associate