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Sheridan Custom Publishing Direct launches with HighWire

*Sheridan Custom Publishing Direct - launches with HighWire*

a  href="http://highwire.stanford.edu/inthepress/stories/SheridanHighWirePressReleas=">http://highwire.stanford.edu/inthepress/stories/SheridanHighWirePressRelease.pdf

Hunt Valley, MD and Stanford, CA
(19 October 2009)

The Sheridan Group and Stanford University's HighWire Press are
pleased to announce the availability of a new service, Sheridan
Custom Publishing Direct, on select HighWire-hosted publications.
The service allows readers to create their own customized content
collections for downloading or print-on-demand.

This summer, the American Society for Horticultural Science
installed the feature in recent editions of HortScience,
HortTechnology and the Journal of ASHS. Readers can select
articles and build their own custom publications, organized
according to their needs. Links to the service can be found in
several locations within the publication: the issue TOC, at the
article abstract level or within the online publication's own
search results.

With Sheridan Custom Publishing Direct, the reader has the option
to order print copies of their publication, or download an
electronic version via a straightforward, secure e-commerce

"With this service, readers' ability to package and purchase
content from across publications will serve scholarship, while
creating a potential new revenue stream for publishers," says
HighWire's Director, John Sack. "We recognize the need to
actively explore monetization opportunities for our publisher

The Custom Publishing system has several key advantages:

*The easy-to-use interface lets users search and select directly
from multiple points of content.

*New content is immediately available to readership.

*Publisher-compiled collections can also be offered to purchasers
in order to actively market popular content.

"The power of Sheridan's Custom Publishing offering," says Mike
Klauer, Sheridan;s Vice President of Journal Sales, "is in the
ability it affords publishers to extend the value of their
content by making it available in unique, user-selected
combinations. This is an exciting development that will benefit
both the publishers of high value peer-reviewed content and their

*About The Sheridan Group*

Located in Hunt Valley, MD, The Sheridan Group comprises six
printing companies based in the United States. Each company has a
market specialty: scholarly journals, magazines, catalogs, or
books. The Sheridan Group is a leading provider of a full range
of printing and publishing services to publishers, associations
and university presses. www.sheridan.com

For more information, contact: Susan Parente, Sheridan Journals
Marketing Manager,

*About HighWire Press*

HighWire facilitates the digital dissemination of high-impact,
peer-reviewed content. Working in partnership with independent
scholarly publishers, societies, associations, and university
presses, HighWire's premier ePublishing platform hosts the
definitive electronic versions of leading journals, reference
works, books, conference proceedings and more. Not only do
publishers benefit from HighWire's outstanding technical
expertise, work ethos and hands-on support services, they also
gain the economies of scale of working in a unique collegial
networking environment. As a not-for-profit division of Stanford
University libraries, HighWire plays a multi-faceted role in the
online publishing world, providing services to librarians and
readers, as well as to its community of scholarly publishers.



Bonnie Zavon
Public Relations
HighWire | Stanford University