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Re: Building Journal Collections


The Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Education 
and Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS)'s "Psychology Committee" 
is currently working on a new "core list" for psychology. A 
previous edition of the list, produced in 2007, is available 
online. A new methodology of creating the list, using more 
metrics and a new approach is being investigated currently by the 
committee. A conference presentation in Seattle last year (ACRL 
2009) elicited feedback from librarians and publishers regarding 
continuing interest in the compilation of a core list for 
psychology. As our committee is made up of practicing psychology 
librarians, there is great interest in any lists that can be used 
for collection assessment and journal acquisition purposes in 
academic libraries. We realize that publishers would have 
interest in representation on such a list as well.

As librarians responsible for disciplinary collections and 
services, core lists still have their place in our toolkit. Our 
work will take into account all journals regardless of business 
model and may highlight new open access journals of interest. 
This is a work in progress. The previous edition of the list is 
available here:


There is not one source of such lists, and even though 
Brandon-Hill will no longer be updated as such, another group may 
decide to produce a similar list, or have another way of looking 
at such a tool. Often the concept of "core" journal lists might 
be conflated with the "journal ranking lists" that prospective 
authors are always seeking from libraries (especially in all the 
subject areas not covered adequately by Journal Citation Reports' 
impact factor lists). Our interest is in a "core list" for 
acadmemic library collections purposes.

Our committee will most likely publish this list online in some 
fashion. We welcome any feedback.

Thank you,

Laura Bowering Mullen
Behavioral Sciences Librarian
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Library of Science and Medicine
on behalf of the ACRL EBSS Psychology Committee

> Hi Nawin: I believe Doodys was going to compile the list that
> Brandon Hill used to do.
> Diane M. McCabe
> Associate Publisher
> American College of Physicians
> 190 N. Independence Mall West
> Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572
> Ph: 215-351-2642
> Email: dmccabe@acponline.org
>>>> "Nawin Gupta" <nawin@nawingupta.com> 10/12/09 7:08 PM >>>
> Is there a successor to the Brandon-Hill list of medical
> journals? Are there similar lists of journals for other
> disciplines?
> I am interesting in compiling a select list of journals that a
> research library may view as "must-have" in their collection.
> I'll be grateful for any lists and resources that members of this
> list can point me to, including ones individual libraries may
> have compiled themselves.
> Nawin Gupta
> nawin@nawingupta.com